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What is the future of this project as well as this forum?

by Zasss -

Now that Lukas has joined the IOTA Foundation and started working on Qubic, is that the end of the QubicLite experiment?

by microhash -

Qubic Lite will not be further developed. It served its purpose as a proof-of-concept. From here on I will focus on the official Qubic instead.

I will keep running qubIOTA. As you noticed, the forum is still open to anyone, although unfortunately there isn't much activity currently.

The QubicLab requires quite a lot of work to maintain and there might not be much use to it right now, since the only thing that could currently be (re)implemented is Qubic Lite which anyone can just as well run locally via QLWeb. However, the QubicLab might become more useful again once the official Qubic is sufficiently developed and can be integrated.

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