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Announcing the Development of Qubic Lite - a Community Qubic Implementation

by aboose -

exciting times!

by planet_x -

fantastic project!
I think the rest of the crypto community might be scratching their heads a bit with regards to Qubic - at least I do. Now best way to sort this would be some sort of example. Qubic is in basically IOTAs answer to Ethereum smart contracts, so it would be fantastic to see an implementation of an existing Ethereum smart contract on Qubic Lite. A full implementation will of course be difficult, but some kind of limited, possibly hard-coded example of a Ethereum dapp would be just great. Augur is too complicated, MakerDAO as well, Digix has limited release of source code AFAIK. But how about Cryptokitties? No graphics or other stuff - just code and a Youtube vid will do fine.

by vizns -

Really appreciate this project. Great work

by qubicTester01 -


as long as there is only one qnode of qlite this will not come even close to what ethereum does. Also the concept is different. Quorum-based consenus is different from total consenus of Ethereum. But as soon as we have lots of qnodes (either qubic or qubic lite) I see something which could possibly emulate eth smart contracts while also providing features eth cannot do

by planet_x -


agree with what you are saying. It would be great if you Qubic-guys could set up a Raspberry PI kit for supporting Qubic/Qubic Lite. Quite a number of people have those lying around.

Also - with regards to a proof of concept possibly the best way would be to compare the gas cost of an Ethereum transaction (any 2+2 will do) with a Qubic transaction. i suspect Qubic would be 1-3 orders of magnitude cheaper.

by vizns -

It could be far cheaper actually. Each group performing a qubic decides what the price should be to perform it and as they are used more and more, that price is fairer. Self-optimizing pricing essentially. At least that is how I read parts of the Qubic announcement.

by Zasss -

Is there any code yet?

by microhash -


Code will be released this weekend.

by Zasss -

Cool thanks! Looking forward to it!

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