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Any news about Abra?

by Matej -

Hi guys, I was just wondering if there is already some info about developing QApps on top of Qubic, as I couldn't find anything about Abra on internet nor Discord. Are there any other recommended languages if I want to develop on IOTA/ Qubic? Thanks

by microhash - (edit: )

From #speculation on discord:

timvanhelsdingen - Last Monday at 1:24 AM
@David Sønstebø will Abra be similar to any other languages out there?

David Sønstebø - Last Monday at 1:25 AM
@timvanhelsdingen Yes; JavaScript meet Haskell and have a really healthy baby

David Sønstebø - Last Monday at 1:26 AM
If you know JavaScript and read up on some basics of Functional Programming you'll be good to go within a week or two after we release alpha and tutorials

From #qubic

Edward Greve - Last Sunday at 9:25 PM

@0x12d3 I think Haskell is a great way to learn functional languages. Note Abra will be nothing like it due to dataflow programming paradigm, but, it would introduce the concept

by Matej -

Thanks a lot, time to learn at least JavaScript for now.

by vizns -

@matej checkout: ... not a terrible place to start

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